Semi Precious Stone

The Stone Work which Gives New Appearance.

Semi precious is durable and resists fading and water absorption. Stone Semi precious is a beautiful addition to any exterior as well as interior. Each collection is a unique blend of natural stone.Flexible stone Semi precious is made from a thin layer of stone stripped or peeled from a metamorphic stone slab, rather than cutting from a solid stone or precast composite material. Thin Semi precious, from .5mm to 2mm thickof slate, schist, or sandstone are pulled away from the original thicker stone slabs by adhering a thin layer of fiberglass/polyester resin composite backing. There is no grinding of the surface to make it thinner. When the resins cure the composite is “pulled” or “stripped” away taking with it the thin layer of stone. This process only works with layered rock and not with granite or marble.

Available Nationwide